Do you have an idea for your perfect piece of jewelry, but you can't find it anywhere. 


Don't give up - We can bring your ideas to reality!


Bring your ideas to Michael's Jewelers in Monroe Michigan and our team will work with you to bring your ideas to life. All you need is an idea, a sketch, or a photo and we will work with you until we make exactly what you are dreaming of. We will take you though a step by step process of all parts of the design so that in the end you are wearing your idea down to the smallest detail.


We will work together with you on every step of the design process. We'll take the design and either have it hand carved by a master wax carver or have it designed on a computer in CAD to have a wax printed. This process can take from 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the design and stones that are being set.

One of Kind up with one of our designers and they will help your ideas become reality. Whether it is a remount or a New Engagement ring, we have the staff to get it done.FREE Diamond Education is available (appointment recommended). This takes an average of 40 minutes and when you are will be able to wisely pick out your diamonds!


Call 734-384-1700 to make an appointment.

Step 1: Pre-visualization - This stage is entirely up to you. It will definitely help if you know the basic details of what you're looking for, such as metal color, stone shape, and the type of item... but it's OK if you haven't decided yet!

Step 2: Initial Consultation - In this stage, our designer will sit down with you and hash out all the details. Through this process we can develop a basic sketch of the design, and provide a price estimate.

Step 3: Proofs - If we are providing a center stone for you, we'll start by having you select your favorite from a few different options. We will next produce a 3-D rendering that will give you a detailed preview of the finished product. If you see anything that you'd like to change, we can make the necessary revisions before going ahead.

Step 4: Casting and Finishing - You sit back and relax while our expert jewelry artisans create the piece to your specifications.

Step 5: Finished Product - Hooray, your item is ready! It's like a dream come true, all thanks to the marvels of custom design.

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