Engagement Ring - Step 3

Engagement ring purchasing - Step 3

Consider if the person you are getting the diamond engagement ring would mind seeing an imperfection in the diamond when looking: (1) straight down on it, (2) through the side, or (3) does not want to see any imperfection.

Looking straight down on it is how diamonds are graded by GIA and most diamonds (except Emerald cuts) you start to see the imperfection from SI2 (not so obvious), I1 (more obvious), I2 & I3 (can see imperfections easily).  So if you are OK seeing it from the side only then you can go SI2 up to SI1.  IF no imperfections are desired then SI1 from GIA with only white imperfections would be the lowest and VS2 on up would guarantee nothing see (except in emerald cuts which would be VS2 on up).



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